Intinerarios, by Lenora Rosenfield

The book “Itineraries” reveals personal and professional moments in the nearly five decades of Lenora Rosenfield’s performance in the visual arts.

The book was conceived as an extension of the Itineraries exhibition, which took place in 2017 at MARGS, in order to broaden the understanding of the artist’s production and trajectory.

With bilingual text, based on interviews, research and documentation, was organized by art critic and curator Francisco Dalcol. The narrative tries to give an account of the artistic production, but also of the other segments of Lenora’s work: as an art conservator and the teaching performance.

It is a career spanned by several challenging events and defining facts, places and times that have offered remarkable experiences in their professional personality.

Among these are the seasons spent in New York, Florence, Cambridge and Udine, and, of course, in Porto Alegre. The texts are accompanied by photographs, reproductions and documentary images that reinforce the biographical character of the publication. The Lenora’s art production shows the diversity of the artist’s languages. Itinerários is a production of Genuinaobra, edited by Circuito.

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