I. Personal Information

Place of Birth: Porto Alegre, Brazil

II. Academic courses and degrees:

Associate Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio Rio Grande do Sul from 1993 to 2017.

Conservation Lab Chief in the same Institute from 1989 to 2013.


2011/2012 Pos PhD Universitá degli Studi di Udine - Italy

2002/03 Fulbright Grant at New York University for tese’s reseach.

2004 PhD in Painting, School of Arts and Communication,University of São Paulo, Brazil

1993 – Concurso para professora auxiliar no Instituto de Artes da UFRGS.

1992-1993 Internship, Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Fogg Museum, Harvard University, USA

1995 MFA in Painting, Institute of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

1990/1993 – Técnica em Restauração, Instituto de Artes da UFRGS.

1989 Internship, Texas Conservation Center, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, USA

1982-1983 Paper Conservation (course and internship), Gabinetto G. P. Viesseux, Florence, Italy

1980-1983 Painting Conservation, Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro, Florence, Italy

1976-1979 BFA in Fine Artes, Federation of Institutions of Higher Education (FEEVALE), Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

1972 "Painting Techniques and Visual Expression”, with Professor Donal Stacy, (one semester) at the New School for Social Research, New York, USA. “Learning through Movement”, (one semester) at the New School for Social Research, New York

lll. Solo Exhibitions:

2019 - Between Worlds, Leopoldo Gotuzzo Art Museum, Pelotas (RS)

2018 - Relief, a technological sensory experience for the 11th Mercosul Visual Arts Biennial, CEEE Érico Veríssimo Cultural Center, Porto Alegre (RS).

2016 - Itineraries, curated by Francisco Dalcol, Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (MARGS), Porto Alegre (RS).

2015 - Collective of one artist, Blumenau Art Museum (SC).

2014 Moviment, Solo Show, Galeria Arte & Fato, Porto Alegre. RS.

2013 Moviment, Solo show - Galleria Laboratorio 2 ,International, Udine, Italy.

2006 “Exercises” Cultura Bookstore – Solo show at Shopping Burbon Country- Porto Alegre.

2005 “Subtraction and Absence”, solo show at The Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

2004 “Subtraction”, Solo show at Franklin 54 Gallery, Tribeca, New York.

2003 “Collage/Fresco”, Solo show, Art at Format, Soho, N.York.

1996 Witches, Monsters and Demons, Marisa Soibelmann Gallery, Porto Alegre (RS).

IV. Group Exhibitions

2020 – WHEN NIGHT FALLS, Lichtundfire Gallery, Nova York (EUA).

2020 - EIXO 2020, Virtual Exhibition, Organization Axis Contemporary Art.

2014 - 20/20 and other formats, Espaço Cultural Chico Lisboa, Porto Alegre (RS).

2012 20x20 Project - Galeria Bolsa de Arte - Porto Alegre RS

2011 ROSENFIELD, L. L. ; Lucia Avancini ; Marilou Winograd .Vale Ouro. Instalation. Espaço Cultural Cedim Heloneida Studart, Rio de Janeiro.

2010 12 International MiniArt Exchange – Mini Faces – American Culture Institute – Porto Alegre.

2009 Dialogues About Culture - Lecture and group Show – at Jewish Federation in Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre.

2006 Consolidação, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) A6 , Porto Alegre(RS).

2006 20x20 Bolsa de Arte Gallery - Group show – Porto Alegre

2006 “O Papel de Otávio” no MARGS – Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre.

1997 "Paralelo 30” (Parallel 30), painting, Agencia Gallery of Art, Porto Alegre(RS)

1997 “25 x 25” Artistas Plásticos no Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

1996 “Homenagem a Carlos Gomes” (Hommage to Carlos Gomes), Nova Olaria Art Gallery, Porto Alegre(RS)

1995 “Poéticas Visuais” (Visual Poetics), Art Institute Gallery, Porto Alegre(RS)

1994 Exposição de Professores, Instituto de Artes , UFRGS, Porto Alegre.

1979 Galeria RG, em Porto Alegre, RS.

1978 “Sétima Mostra de Artistas Emergentes” (The Seventh Emerging Artists Show), engraving, Porto Alegre(RS)

1977 “Novos Artistas” (New Artists), painting, Atelier Livre da Prefeitura, Porto Alegre(RS)

1973 “Segunda Mostra de Artistas Emergentes”, Porto Alegre(RS)

1972 “The New School Art Students Show”, New School for Social Research, New York

V. Other Courses and Seminars Attended

2000 “Seminário Nacional sobre a História da Arte Hoje” (National Seminar on History of Art Today), Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

1999 Course on Modern Art Conservation, Professor Stephen Hackney (Tate Gallery), sponsored by Vitae Foundation, São Paulo

1998 “O Inconsciente e a Criação: Poeitica e Psicopatologia” (The Unconscious and Creative Process: poetics and Psicopathology), international multidisciplinary seminar, UFRGS, Porto Alegre

1998 “Pour une philosophie de la création” (For a Philosophy of the Creative Process), Professor René Passeron (Paris-Sorbonne), UFRGS, Porto Alegre

1997 International Seminar on “Latin America viewed from Europe and North America”, I Mercosul Biannual of Visual Arts, Porto Alegre International Seminar on “Latin American Utopias”, I Mercosul Biannual of Visual Arts, Porto Alegre
Seminário Intrernacional de Utopias Latino-americanas, I Bienal do Mercosul de Artes Visuais, Porto Alegre(RS)

VI. Dissertations, Presentations and Publications

2017 - DALCOL, Francisco (org.). Itineraries, by Lenora Rosenfield. Editora Circuito, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, 2017 (co-edition) 185 p .: il. Bilingual. ISBN: 978-85-9582-020-3.

2016 - ROSENFIELD, Lenora L. The influence of material and technique in contemporary art. VIS Magazine of the Postgraduate Program in Art, University of Brasília, v. 15, n. 1, p. 205-223, Jan./Jun. 2016. Available at: .

2015 - ROSENFIELD, Lenora L. Technique and drive in Iberê Camargo. Porto Arte Magazine of the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Institute of Arts, Porto Alegre (RS), Vol. 20, n. 34, p. 89-94, May. 2014. Available at: . RODRIGUES, Kethlen Santini. Lenora Rosenfield: dialogues with surrealism and psychoanalysis (1968-1998). 2015. 126f. Monograph (Graduation in Art History) Bachelor of Art History, Institute of Arts, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre.>.

2014 Participação como Comunicadora do Seminário Ibero Americanos sobre Processos de Criação –Título – A influência do material e da técnica na arte contemporânea – Vitória – Espírito Santo – Brasil

2013 ROSENFIELD, L. Lenora . Da quadricula a quadratura, a grade e o pixel. Revista ouvirOUver. ISSN: 1983-1005. Uberlândia, 200 Dossiê: Espaços Outros: territórios do virtual e do ficcional Spaces Autres : territoires du virtuel et du fictionnel) n.9 volume 1 / 2013.

2012 Capa da revista Mosaica- v. 4, n. 1. ISSN 2175-6163, publicada em 2012-08-08 – Revista semestral de estudos judaicos do Instituto Cultural Judaico Marc Chagall em parceria com a Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.

2009 - ROSENFIELD, L. L. . The artist voice. Porto Arte (UFRGS-Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), v. 26, p. 123-133.

2004 –Fresco/Collage, PhD thesis at ECA/USP,(University of São Paulo) São Paulo.

1997 Glossário Técnico de Conservação e Restauração em Pintura, (Technical Glossary on Painting Conservation and Restoration) Editora da Universidade, Porto Alegre [Greatly expanded and revised version of the 1986 Glossary, below]

1994 “The Examination and Treatment of a Double-sided painting by Robert Henri”, in 1993 AIC Paintings Specialty Group Postprints, presented at the AIC Annual Meeting, 5 June 1993

1993 “Professionalismo e Conservação” (Professionalism and Conservation), in Analice Dutra Pillar et alii, Pesquisa em Artes Plásticas (Research on Fine Arts), ANPAP/Editora da Universidade, Porto Alegre, 1993

1991 “Fungos Contaminantes isolados em Obras de Arte” (Analysis of Fungi collected from Paintings), in Cadernos da ANPAP 1991, 2, co-authorship with Professor Suzanna Andreatta [from Federal University of RS, Botanical Institute, Porto Alegre]

1990 “A Pintura a óleo e a questão Van Eyck” (The Oil technique and the Van Eyck Question), in Porto Arte, Revista do Instituto de Artes da UFRGS, ano 1, n. 2, 1990

1988 “Projeto para uma Mesa Térmica Brasileira” (A Project for a Brazilian-made Hot Table), report to the Brazilian National Research Council, Rio de Janeiro

1986 Glossário Técnico de Restauração e Conservação de Arte, (Technical Glossary of Art Conservation and Restoration, English-Italian-Portuguese), Fine Arts Conservation Service [co-authorship with Anton Rajer , see 1997]

1983 "Microrganismi nella Opera d’Arte”, dissertation presented at Instituto per L'Arte e il Restauro, Florença, Italia.

1982 “Aspetti Della Pittura ad Olio in Rapporto a Van Eyck”, no Istituto per L’Arte e il Restauro, Florença, Itália.

VII. Conservation Experience:

Head of the conservation project of the mural paintings – dinning and bed room - in the oldest house in Porto Alegre, Solar dos Câmara. Coordination of the Institute of Fine – Arts gallery.

Head conservator of the mural and canvas paintings that belong to the Viamão Cathedral, Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

Conservator of the Institute of Fine Arts collection.

Chief-conservator at the Institute of Fine Arts–Lab.

Conservator of the Institute of Fine Arts collection.

Chief-conservator at the Institute of Fine Arts–Lab.

Woked in restauration and conservation of many works of art from artists as: Luca Giordano, Henri, De Chirico, Rembrandt, Picasso, Chagal, Iberê Camargo, Guinard, Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila, Portinari, Lasar Segall, Tomie Otake, Pedro Américo, Manabu Mabe, Pancetti, Ismael Neri, Pedro Weingärtner, etc.

Conservator intern of the Puvis Chavannes paintings at the Public Library in Boston.

Chief-conservator at the Institute of Fine Arts–Lab.

Head conservator of Glauco Rodrigues’s murals from the building that was the “Cacique Movies” in Porto Alegre.

Chief-conservator at the Institute of Fine Arts–Lab.

VIII. Professional Activities and Affiliations

2000/2010 Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts, Institute of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS, (since 1993). Teaches courses on Painting Techniques and Materials, Introduction to Conservation Chief Conservator, Conservation Laboratory, Institute of Fine Arts, since 1991.

2000/2010 National Association for Research on Fine Arts (ANPAP), member, since 1986

Brazilian Association of Conservation of Works of Art (ABRACOR), member since 1983

Brazilian National Council for Higher Education (CAPES), advisor, since 1988

Rio Grande do Sul’s State Science Foundation (FAPERGS), advisor, since 1988.

IX. Languages

Portuguese (native language)
Spanish (reads,speaks,writes)
French (reads, speaks)
Italian (reads, speaks, writes)